Installing Scaffolding to the Highest Specification

Installing System Scaffolding on Properties Throughout Widnes and the North West

Developed to the highest standard, we install Layher Allround™ scaffolding systems on commercial properties throughout the North West. Nothing is too much trouble for our expert scaffolders and we always aim to accommodate your requests. For further information about our comprehensive list of scaffolding services, please contact our proficient team in Widnes, Cheshire.

System Scaffolding

With the ability to produce high quality scaffolding systems, Layher has been the leader in the scaffolding industry for more than 60 years. The systems offer intelligent solutions that make your everyday work easier. 

Providing you a versatile and safe scaffolding system is our priority and therefore, we work in partnership with the market leader, Layher to achieve this. After extensive research into Layher products, we decided to focus on Layher Allround scaffolding as this is regarded to be one of the most adaptable scaffolding systems available.

Allround Scaffolding

Layher Allround® Scaffolding is centred on the versatile Allround Connector, which features a ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component that can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections.

Developed for one-man assembly, irrespective of height, scaffolds can be constructed in three dimensions from each rosette. Ledgers or transoms are connected at right angles with additional components then added at a choice of angles. Installations are automatically centred and correctly located for safe assembly.

Contact our efficient team in Widnes, Cheshire, regarding our system scaffolding services.